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“To advance the health and well-being of members and to provide a safe, happy and non-judgemental environment where skilled and unskilled members of all ages and abilities can, in the company of other members pursue hobbies, pastimes and interest.

Men's sheds are community-based, non-commercial organisations that are open to all men. Men's sheds improve the health and well being of their members by giving them a safe place to make friends, share meaningful activities, talk, and access health information and resources

Learn new skills, practice and pass on old skills, learn about their own and others health and well-being, and by their efforts contribute to their families, friends, the shed and the broader community”

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"The Coffs Harbour Men's Shed is built on the hard work of volunteers, and the generous donations and sponsorship of both large and small companies, governments and individuals. 

We are especially grateful to the Coffs Harbour Local Council who have continually backed us with major grants and the provision of Professional advice from their staff at all levels. Without the Council's help over the years the  Men's Shed would have struggled to provide the on-going service to it's members and community, and would not be in the enviable position of having one of the largest facilities in Australia

Tel: 02 6651 4159 

Custom timber, small metal fabrication and hand crafted goods
We pride ourselves on the quality of the goods we make. 
The Coffs Harbour Men's Shed has many qualified tradesmen who make wonderful, hard to find, hand crafted products, mainly from timber. 

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My Aged Care Support

Connect helps older adults who need extra help to access aged care and other support.

Call 1300 003 224 or go to


3rd March 2023

All members are covered for injury while working at the Shed, are required to be inducted in the safe use of each fixed machine.